Cost to Buy and Install Air Conditioning in Brisbane

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Aircon Sales and Installation Cost Calculator

[bt_cc_group eval=”ac = $1;
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code = $3;
if(code == 5050){code=50;}else{code=0;}
disc = $4;
return (ac-code)*num;”][bt_cc_item type=”select” name=”Your Product” value=”Carrier: 42QF025;1320;2.5kw Cool Power 2.7kw heating power
Carrier: 42QF036;1400;3.6kw Cool Power 3.8kw heating power
Carrier: 42QF050;1829;4.9kw Cool Power 5.5kw heating power
Carrier: 42QF060;1829;5.9kw Cool Power 6.5kw heating power
Carrier: 42QF065;2049;6.3kw Cool Power 7.4kw heating power
Carrier: 42QF080;2269;8.0kw Cool Power 9.0kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG09KMCA;1559;2.5kw cooling power 3.2kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG12KMCA;1689;3.5kw cooling power 3.5kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG18KMCA;2249;5kw cooling power 6kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG22KMCA;2399;6.0kw cooling power 7.2kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG24KMCA;2499;7.1kw cooling power 8.0kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG30LFCC;2999;8.0kw cooling power 9.0kw heating power
Fujitsu: ASTG34LFCC;3399;9.2kw cooling power 10kw heating power
Kelvinator: KSV26HRF;1409;2.6kw cooling power 3.0kw heating power
Kelvinator: KSV35HRF;1544;3.5kw cooling power 4.0kw heating power
Kelvinator: KSV52HRF;2089;5.2kw cooling power 5.8kw heating power
Kelvinator: KSV70HRF;2329;7.0kw cooling power 7.6kw heating power
Kelvinator: KSV80HRF;2799;8.0kw cooling power 9.6kw heating power
LG: P09AWN-14;1469;2.5kw cooling power 3.2kw heating power
LG: P12AWN-14;1549;3.5kw cooling power 4.0kw heating power
LG: P18AWN-14;2079;5.0kw cooling power 6.0kw heating power
LG: P24AWN-14;2349;7.0kw cooling power 8.0kw heating power
LG: P28AWN-14;2719;8.0kw cooling power 9.6kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE25KIT;1529;2.5kw cooling power 3.2kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE35KIT;1679;3.5kw cooling power 4.0kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE42KIT;2049;4.2kw cooling power 5.4kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE50KIT;2189;4.8kw cooling power 5.8kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE60KIT;2359;6.0kw cooling power 6.8kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE71KIT;2499;7.1kw cooling power 8.1kw heating power
Mitsubishi Electric: MSZ-GE80KIT;2919;7.8kw cooling power 9.0kw heating power
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK25ZMA-S;1549;2.5kw cooling power 3.2kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK35ZMA-S;1689;3.3kw cooling power 4.0kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK50ZMA-S;2199;5.0kw cooling power 5.8kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK63ZMA-S;2429;6.3kw cooling power 7.1kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK71ZMA-S;2559;7.1kw cooling power 8.0kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK80ZMA-S;3049;8.0kw cooling power 9.0kw heating
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: SRK92ZMA-S;3439;9.2kw cooling power 10.0kw heating
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z12RKR;1719;3.5kw cooling power 3.7kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z15RKR;2019;4.2kw cooling power 5.5kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z18RKR;2269;5.0kw cooling power 6.0kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z21RKR;2379;6.0kw cooling power 7.2kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z24RKR;2549;7.0kw cooling power 8.0kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z28RKR;3089;8.0kw cooling power 9.0kw heating power
Panasonic: CS/CU-Z9RKR;1569;2.5kw cooling power 3.2kw heating power” images=”2573,2573,2573,2573,2573,2573,2574,2574,2574,2574,2574,2574,2574,2575,2575,2575,2575,2575,2576,2576,2576,2576,2576,2577,2577,2577,2577,2577,2577,2577,2578,2578,2578,2578,2578,2578,2578,2579,2579,2579,2579,2579,2579,2579″ img_height=”50″][bt_cc_item type=”slider” name=”Number of AC to Install” value=”1;20;1;1″ images=”64,65,66″][bt_cc_item name=”Coupon Code(If available).” value=”1″][bt_cc_item name=”Discount” value=”1″][/bt_cc_group][/bt_cost_calculator]


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