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What are Downlights?

Downlights are lights that will be recessed into a whole in the ceiling. It is referred to as a Downlight because the light shines down from the ceiling.  When you turn on your Downlights, it looks like light is shining down out of the ceiling.

downlightDownlights is also considered as wonderful lighting solution for your lounge room, bed room, media room, hallways or any part of your house depending on your requirements, Downlights can also be used for direct lighting or mood lighting.

Downlights are comprised of a housing that is inset into the ceiling, the bulb, and a transformer (if requied) in order to convert the power voltage into one that is safe for the downlight to use.

What are the advantages of installing Downlights?

Downlights are very popular these days because they consume very less energy, emit more light than compared to a fluorescent light or incandescent light bulbs. It also produces less heat compared to the other lights.

These days most people prefer Downlights as compared to the other lights as these lights provide a modern appearance to the room. Downlights are also considered as one of the most attractive forms of lighting in the modern world and the old fashioned halogen lights are at-least 80% expensive whilst compared to Downlights.

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    With the way electricity bills are shooting up these days, you can save some extra $$$ by installing Downlights as it is very cost-effective as also consumes very less energy as compared to the other lights.

    Downlights can be considered as great option for for your home lighting. You can install Downlights anywhere at your place such as your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms or even underneath benchs and cabinetry.

    Downlights are quite flexible in terms of the amount and the type of light it provides. You can adjust the brightness of your Downlights depending on the kind of mood you are in and or even depending on the occasion. All that you need to do is request your electrician to install a dimmer along with the Downlights so that you can control the brightness using the dimmer.

    Types of Downlights

    Even though all Downlights are round in shape, there are quite a few varieties of Downloads you can choose. Some differences are primarily based on the light bulb that you use.

    You can also made a decision on the kind of light such as Halogen bulb, CFL(Compact Fluorescent bulb) and LED bulb, however LED bulbs and Compact Fluorescent bulbs are quite popular are more popular these days as they are more energy efficient.

    Downlights also come in different trim colours. A trim is the visible part that holds the bulb in place. This way you can pick any colours in the trim that matches the colour of your lounge or even your home’s decor.

    Getting a licensed electrician to install Downlights.

    Installing a downlight yourself is not as easy as changing a faulty bulb. In order to install downlights Installing a Downlight is not as easy task. When you want to install a new floor or table lamp, you simply plug it in and turn it on. In order to install downlights the first thing we should do is to have holes drilled into the ceiling of your home. We will then have to ensure that the wiring is connected to all of the lights and wall switch installed prior to operating it. As a result it is always best that we get qualified licensed electrician to do this job for you.

    If you think about trying your luck at installing these Downlights yourself or even consider getting an unlicensed electrician to install your Downlights, you need to made aware that installing Downlights can be considered a challenging job and if the lights are not installed properly and installed by a Licensed Electrician or a Certified Electrician these Downlights can become a fire hazard. In fact, in the wake of a spate of fires caused by Downlights, the Government bodies tightened the Australian Standards of Electrical Installations and also issued several warnings about Downlights Installation. The Australian Government authorities have also issued some recommendations which is detailed below:

    • Always use Licensed Electricians to install your Downlights.
    • Always make sure that you request your Electrician holds a current Electrical Safety Certificate.
    • Ensure that you only buy electrical fittings that meets or even exceeds Australian Standards.
    • Always check with your electrician that only non-combustible materials surround the Downlights and/or a safety tested mechanical barrier is included when your Electrician installs your Downlights.
    • It is always a good idea to consider replacing any Halogen Downlights with LED Downlights.

    If you consider replacing Halogen Downlights with LED Downlights and are thinking about replacing it yourself you will have to check with a Licensed Electrician or even your local lighting supplier first as in some cases additional are probably required. In such cases only a Licensed Elecrtician may be able ri install the Downlights for you.

    More Information on LED lights.

    LED Downlights are light bulbs that can be used both indoor or outdoor depending on your lighting needs.

    LED downlights are light bulb alternatives for indoor or outdoor lighting. These light fixtures shine LED light from a hole in the ceiling. These lights are popular because they use less energy, produce less heat, and emit more light than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.

    These Downlights are also called Recessed lights, Can lights or Pot lights. They initially emitted only red light, but these days the LED lights can be found in various colours. The most common selection people prefer these days are neutral white which is closer to fluorescent light and warm white which is similar to incandescent light.

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