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We service the greater Brisbane area, North to the Sunshine Coast and South to Beenleigh.

It is just not worth the risk. While you think you can save a couple of dollars trying to do your own electrical work, please Stop and ask yourself this question “Is it worth risking you life of that of a loved one”? Not only is it breaking the law, but you could also be jeopardising your Insurance!!! Even if you think you know what you are doing, never attempt to do your own electrical work as it can be dangerous, illegal and can be fatal. Unlicensed or DIY electrical work, it is just not worth the risk!!!

Always get a Licensed Electrical Contractor to do any electrical work. Please ensure that whilst you contact an Electrical Contractor you always ask the Electrical Contractor for their Electrical Contractor License Number and ensure that their License is still current before assigning or agreeing to any work.

All Electricians and Electrical Contractors must be licensed to work in Queensland. Our team of electricians hold current electrical workers licenses. A licensing system ensures only qualified electricians are employed by electrical contractors.

Flickering lights are annoying and could also be a sign of potentially dangerous electrical problems or something simple. Your flickering lights could be due to loose wiring which could lead to an electrical fire.

Yes, you can be guaranteed that our workmanship comes with a full warranty as we pride ourselves on professional performance. All staff members are licensed and highly qualified for completing a range of services including:

  • Full rewires or new wiring installations
  • Home office telecoms and fiber optic data cabling
  • Repairs and maintenance of air conditioning systems
  • Additional lighting or power outlets
  • Electrical testing and tagging, ensuring all your office electrical appliances operate without fault.
  • Repairs and maintenance of air conditioning systems.
  • Additional lighting or sockets
  • Installation of mains smoke alarms
  • Installation of fire alarm systems
  • Surge protection for protecting sensitive equipment
  • Additional lighting or sockets

Please note that 12 months warranty applies to all labour. Parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and repair/replacement is made at the manufacturers discretion.

Safe installations are performed by competent people to appropriate Industry Standards. It is a legal requirement that all Electrical Contractors must certify the work is safe and complies with regulations before supply is connected. Certifications can be independently validated for authenticity with Energy Safety. If completed correctly, modern electrical installations will remain safe for the installations expected life. Older appliances and gas installations may be more volatile and safety concerns such as electric shocks and gas leaks must be reported to your electrical or gas supplier as soon as you notice them.

We here at Electro Guru aim to provide a fast and efficient service to all of our customers. Whether we install energy efficient lighting, fibre optic and communications cabling or smoke alarms for emergencies, we have a team of electricians to get the job done on-time. Simply give us a call and we’ll send our qualified electricians to your home, office or commercial job-site.

Yes, our customers can call on us at any time for emergencies, whether for fault finding, lightning repairs, resets, fire damage, hot water system repairs or any other problem that needs urgent attention. All of our technicians can be contacted through a paging service and will respond promptly to emergency call outs.

We here at Electro Guru offer a wide range of energy efficient lighting options including globes, dimmers, timers and sensor options. Speak with our professional, friendly team today to discuss the best solution for you.

Yes, Electro Guru provides a same day service, however electrical problems of an urgent nature are given priority.

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