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Our team of experienced electricians can take care of all your New Home electrical requirements. We always listen to our customers and ensure that we accommodate your specific needs whether it is a small or large.

We here at Electro Guru will work with you to design all the electrical systems which not only works within the architectural parameters and at the same time ensure that it is practical enough to function for normal household use. We will help you plan and also assist you to put your electronic devices in the right places as planning and making an informed decision on where to put your electrical devices can be a challenging issue for you.

new home electricianOur technicians at Electro Guru hold multiple certifications which allows us to design and install new home wiring which can be very complex, we also install fiber optic and are also specialized in copper cabling network installations. We ha

ve also proven our expertise in installation and maintenance of properties and are more than happy to provide assistance and support on large-scale projects through to small residential independent jobs.

Our team of technicians have come up with a few tips in order to assist you organise and plan the electrical wiring in your new home:

  • Always consider decorating the interior of your new house. We strongly recommend that you find some time to sit with your building designer and ask them to show you where the planned electrical outlets are located.
  • Spend some time with your family pre-designing each and every corner of your new home and ensure that you get answers from each of your family members on what the purpose of each room is.
  • Talk to your technician about electricity supply such as underground or overhead etc.
  • Your preferred Electricity Meter location.
  • Discuss about the availability and the location of Electricity Service Pit or Pole, distance to the house etc.
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    • Make sure you talk to your electrical technician and discuss your ideas with them on what sort of appliances you need such as Oven, Hot Plates, Air Conditioning, Spa Bath, Sauna, Bathroom 3 in 1’s, Exhaust Fans, Garage Door Openers etc. Seek their opinion on choosing the right brand for you and the right place each and every appliance needs to be installed. As your technicians have a lot a experience in this area they will be able to pass on a lot of information on choosing the right appliances. For all appliances required, power consumption in Kilowatt, single or thee phase connection is required in order to confirm electricity supply capacity is sufficient.
    • Discuss about the Power Outlets such as the type of Outlet, Colour of the Outlet, Number of Outlets required in each room, Outlets in the ceiling for ducted heating and cooling, weatherproof Outlets for external locations etc.
    • Discuss about the Lighting such as type of light fittings you prefer, number of light fittings and the approximate location within each room, external light fittings etc.
    • Discuss about Telecommunications such as Television Points, Telephone Points, Local Area Networking etc.
    • Request more information on Home Automation
    • Discuss about the Smoke Detectors, number of Smoke Detectors required and the preferred location for Smoke Detectors.


    Once you discuss your requirements, your electrician should be able to prepare an initial quote which will help you plan your budget for electrical installations and will also help you make an informed decision prior to your technicians commencing their jobs.

    We hope that you have found this information informative. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on 0466 360 591 or alternatively send us an email to

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